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"Your name?"

"Amber Clare."

"Your gender?"


"Your nationality?"


"Parents nationality?"

"German father, American mother."


"None. I am a single child."

"Your age?"


The cold eyes of the gray coated man rest on my face, his pen hesitating on the paper. I shrink under that gaze, fearing it for some reason and yet . . . I still want to pass this test. This simple little test and I don't know why it's so important. In fact, now that I think about it, I don't even know where I am . . . who was this man again? He taps the pen on his tablet, sighs, and scribbles something down before continuing.




"Um . . ."

Those sharp eyes return and he lowers his pad and pen, gazing at me curiously. My heart races and I gaze down at my legs . . . bare legs . . . I come to realize I'm not wearing anything and then remember with fleeting panic that I think I answered the question wrong.

"Are you feeling drowsy, Amber?"

My brain quits working at the word "drowsy"  and without really understanding the question, I nod. He sighs.

"Are you hungry?"

My stomach grumbles and I tighten my fist to portray the feeling in my stomach. Hungry. I roll the word around in my head. Hunger . . . my stomach needs something in it.

I nod and say, "Yes, I am thirsty."

My heart races . . . this was the wrong answer.

"What does thirsty feel like?"

I clench my fist, raise my hand and clench my fist in his face, showing him the feeling.

"I'm cold . . ." I mutter, pointing to my bare skin. "Cold!"

"Would you like some cloths?"

Close . . . closing doors, dark places, screams, hollow terror . . .

"No . . ." I whimper.

Suddenly my head is buzzing . . . I can't make sense of anything. I bring my hands up to cover my ears and close my eyes but the bright white lights of the room continue to penetrate my vision. Is the man still talking? Are there more questions? I think there are more questions but I just don't know and if I don't answer them, are they still wrong?

Someone forcefully grabs my arms, bringing them down to my sides but its not the man in the gray coat, he's still their looking at me, his eyes sharp, colorless . . . I tremble at the sight of him. He continues to hold eye contact with me as I struggle against the person who is restraining me. I just want to cover my ears and close my eyes but I can't and its driving me insane . . .

"What is your name?" the man asks softly, calmly.

I shake my head back and forth vigorously. If I don't answer, its not wrong . . . if I don't answer it's not wrong . . .

"Sedate her." says the man, turning his back to me.

My heart flies in my throat. I don't know what it means, but I know that word and the feelings that go with it and I struggle harder. I fear this man but he is the only one that can help me and now he's walking away . . . because I answered wrong. I answered wrong, this is my fault, this has everything to do with me . . . I yelp in surprise as something sticks into my arm, something sharp and needle like. My veins burn for a minute and then suddenly its over. Suddenly I don't care.  

I close my eyes and even the lights of the room fade against my eyelids.


A blanket has been tied securely around me and slowly, I peel it back. The room is warm, my body is relaxed and my stomach is full. I cautiously open my eyes and realize, I am in my apartment. I take a deep breath. I must be sick, I think, because I should be at work. At least I think I work . . . I gaze around the small living room. There's a red door there, at the end of the hallway. I think it goes outside. I get to my feet, just to see where this door goes and then I hesitate.

Something bad will happen if I open that door. Something bad will happen if I touch the handle.

A sudden crackling sound catches my attention and I turn to see the T.V. has come on. Strangely fascinated, I stumble back to the couch, scratching at a sore spot on my arm. The T.V. flashes once, green, then blue, and then face of a woman fades in on the screen. I blink at her, she blinks at me. She smiles and I smile back. I like this woman, she is kind, she only ever tries to help me.

"Would you like to know who you are?" asks the woman kindly and I nod excitedly, suddenly realizing that I can't remember my name. Is this normal?

"Your name is Amber Clare." she begins and I nod excitedly.

"You are a female, you are American, your father was German, and your mother was American. Those are called nationalities."

I repeat the word to myself and the woman smiles again.

"You are a single child, you have no siblings, and you are twenty-three years old."

For some reason I feel guilt over the age. I'm not sure why, maybe it's because the woman gives me a stern look when she says it. This is important. It is important to know I am twenty-three. I nod and repeat the age until the woman smiles again.

"You are not married." she says, smiling again. I smile back. This is a good thing.

"You have one child." she tells me this sternly and I cower in front of the screen. I nod and she holds up a picture of an infant in a blue cotton gown. "He is the reason why you are here. You have one child, and it is all his fault that you are locked away . . . Do you know where he is? If you tell us . . . You can go home."

I do know where he is . . . I do know . . . I want to tell her. She's so kind, this woman . . . she lets me know the answers. I don't know what I need to know them for but they are nice to know . . .

"Tell the doctor where he is, Amber . . . and you can go home."

Suddenly I freeze, I blink at the T.V. and notice the woman's eyes. They are sharp, colorless and I feel like my mind comes to a screeching halt and I push the last part of the information out. I shake my head back and forth. It feels like another entity has clawed it's way into my skull, but I trust this entity, even though she confuses me and gives me these strange pictures . . . memories . . . and as the T.V. fades to black, I find myself standing up defiantly, fists clenched, eyes blazing . . .

Like hell I will tell them where I hid my son.
I have a passion for the strange and unusual . . . this story probably doesn't make sense and it really doesn't have a clear ending, but it really isn't supposed to. This is supposed to be a little warm up to get me going on my other writing things and I thought it might be fun!

Allow your imagination to run with this one! Even I don't know how it ends or where it began! :D

For the 100 themes challenge v. 2

I suppose, to clarify, this is introduction to the self, if that makes sense. Imagine forgetting who you are for a moment . . . that's what I'm trying to convey here!

Love it, hate it, tell me why!
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Queen-Obsessed Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2011
That was a really interesting read. I'm kind of curious now about why they want her son, who "they" even are, and who's fault it is that she can't remember anything about herself and her life. Did she do it somehow, to help protect her son? Or did they do it, in the hopes of gaining her trust so that they could find the boy? It's very interesting. If you decide to write more, I'd love to read it, but even if you don't I still love it just the way it is.
Scooterly Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2011
Sorry for the late response . . . real life got real busy! =P

But thanks a lot for the feedback! :hug: I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yes, sorry for those unanswered questions but that was the fun of it really! It's supposed to make you wonder. I'm glad I suceeded! :D

I've had a lot of requests to write more on it, so I may in the future when I get current writing projects done.

Again, thank very much for your input! I really appriciate it!
Queen-Obsessed Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2011
No problem. As I said, it was a wonderful read! And feel free to take your time writing more, goodness knows I have a lot of projects to choose from right now too.
spligity Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011  Student General Artist
this was really fun to read.
it seems like it's straight out of a science fiction mov. script.

i love how you described everything, especially her apartment.
everything is so vivid :)
Scooterly Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011
Ah thank you so much! :hug: I'm glad you liked it! And thanks so much for the comment!
Gentlewolf Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2011
Wow! :wow: I Love it, Kim! It has this ... oh, I don't know... insane quality to it and as you're reading it you can't help but wonder what happened, why the girl is the way she is, and why she's in what appears to be an institution. It is well written and pure genious, imho! Then you come to the end and it's like....BAM... you realize she's not insane and your curiousity builds. You wonder what she is hiding and what the circumstances are that make her feel the need to keep it secret. I would be a great prologue to a longer story. Will you develop on this more??

Also, where's this 100 Themes challenge, again?
Scooterly Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2011
:tighthug: Aww thank you! Pure genious?! Haha wow! XP Way to make a girl feel special! :love:

Haha and your analysis is spot on! YAY! I guess that means I conveyed it right! It's supposed to be slightly confusing and insane like.

I don't know if I'll actully devolop it more, though so far everyone that's read it gives me a death glare when I tell them that but this was never meant to turn into another story . . . haha So feel free to let your imagination run with it! I honestly don't know the end or the beginning or any of the grimy details. Amber Clare rented out my head for twenty minutes then left . . . if you see her, tell her I want to know the ending. :D :giggle: But who knows what I'll do with it in the future . . .

Oh! And the 100 Themes Challenge is a group here on Deviant! Its here: [link]

Thanks so much for reading!
Gentlewolf Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2011
You really should put it aside and consider writing more in the future. It sounds like it would be the beginnings of an excellent story! :nod: :love: :hug: And you deserve the praise!

Sweet! :la: I've joined the group! Just not sure which Variation I should do.... hmmm.. *ponders*

And you don't have to thank me, I'm very happy to do so! :XD: :tighthug:
Scooterly Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2011
Haha I just might now . . . XD I'll put it on the backburner with my other numerous stories and see what crawls out of the pot . . . :giggle:

YAY! Haha I chose one at random! By means of rolling a dice . . . roll again if you get six, of course! :lol: That's just how I did it. I like surprises!

Gentlewolf Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011
:laughing: I may have to do that, too...cuz my poll isn't helping much. I currently have a 3 way tie for which one to do. ^^;
Scooterly Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011
Hahaha Do all three at the same time! :lol:
Gentlewolf Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011
:O_o: How much time do you think I have!? ;p Silly Willy!
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